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Facial Contouring: Package includes: 6ml of Dermal Filler added to the 'Cheeks, Jaw and Lips.  

Facial contouring is great non-surgical enhancement  treatment to undertake if the face is lacking structure or if you want to enhace prominent points on the face. Facial slimming illusions and structuring can be created by created by doing this by using Hyaluronic acid filler, as with the rest of dermal fillers this ingredients is used to add shape and enhancements to many areas of the body with minimal downtime. This facial contour package requires 1-2 sessions to create the look required  with same day results and minimal down time. 

To book a treatment all you have to do is ensure you have booked in for a Free consultation with a treatement consultant at HDaesthetic using the link above, this skin consultancy service requires a skin practiononer to assess your skin in clinic, providing treatment and product planning and advice. It is reccomedned to have a consultation before treatment to ensure this is the best treatment for you, pre and aftercare advice is followed correctly. 

Payment Plans available for HDAesthetics Members will give you access to payment plans, discounts on treatments and products. There are x4 packages available Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Your skincare consultant will discuss the best treatment plan with you as well as payment plan suitable for you during your skincare consultation. Payment plans are not compulsory but is an option for those wanting an alternative method to pay for treatment.


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