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Acne Peel required for ongoing acne sufferers, 4- 6 treatments are advised to see the best results skin package treatments and payment plan available.

The skin has two layers: the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the thin layer in contact with the outside: it is very thin since its thickness is only 0.02 mm on the face. Peeling is an act of applying a chemical substance (most often an acid) to the skin, in order to cause limited and controlled destruction of the epidermis or even of the superficial layers of the dermis.


The aim of this destruction is to obtain regeneration of the destroyed layers and to stimulate the production of elastic fibers and collagen in the underlying layers, in order to densify the skin. Within our institute we offer several peels for different skin types and problems.


FROM £80

To apply all you have to do is ensure you have booked in for a consultation with a skincare consultant at HDaesthetic using the link above, this skin consultancy service requires a skin practiononer to assess your skin in clinic, providing treatment and product planning and advice at redeemable amount of £20, this can be redeemed against any treatment you plan on having in the future.

Payment Plans available for HDAesthetics Members will give you access to payment plans, discounts on treatments and products. There are x4 packages available Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Your skincare consultant will discuss the best treatment plan with you as well as payment plan suitable for you during your skincare consultation. Payment plans are not compulsory but is an option for those wanting an alternative method to pay for treatment.


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