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HD Skin Club: An exclusive facial subscription service making healthy skin more accessible to everyone - destigmatize the professional facial via monthly membership packages, making high end high tech facials and treatments affordable.







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Skin membership clinics have proven extremely popular in New Zealand, LA and NYC and now we are delighted to launch elite’s skin membership clinic – The elite Skin Club it’s just LIKE A GYM Zealand, BUT FOR YOUR FACE! 

Fortunately for our clients, HD Aesthetics’ overall goal is accessibility. We are aware aesthetic facial treatment can be expensive, enrolling in a facial treatment membership program means you will be receiving result driven facials at a fraction of the cost.


Select the SUBSCRIBE NOW button at the top & bottom of the page. Each month your facial/ treatment will be paid in advance through a monthly direct debit. Monthly memberships require a minimum 6-month commitment, but we are sure that you’ll find the savings and the perks well worth it!



You save over £300 a month! One treatment can give your skin a temporary boost but we know to achieve great skin it’s a journey not an overnight quick fix, this programme is suitable for male and females and focuses on cumulative treatments. Subscribe now and let’s take your skin to the next level.

£100 monthly subscriptions – you save over £300 a month However, this club is exclusive membership and it is limited to 100 clients



- Skin analysis & detailed treatment plan 
- One customised facial treatment monthly or 2 Mini Treatments 
- 10% discount on skin care products
- 10% discount on all other treatments 
- Priority booking
- Automatically entered into all our competitions 
- Complimentary treatment or product on your birthday 
- Free skin care gift on joining 
- First to know about all future treatments and offers -
-VIP pass to all elite events 

Treatment programme options eac

Unlimited waxing & tinting 
One facial / treatment from below: 
Elite Red-carpet facial Fire & ice facial 
Bio C glow peel 
Skin recovery peel 
Vitamin C IV infusion 
IPRF facial 
Aqua gold facial 
Hydro facial 
RF Face and neck fighting treatment 

Unlimited waxing’s & tinting 
Any Two facial / treatments from below: 
JA chemical peel 
Medical microdermabrasion 
LED Facial 
IPL facial 
Vitamin B12 injection 
Biotin Hair and Nail booster 
JA skin booster facial (Toxin / filler facial) 
Skin Response Facial 

High  end facials can be slightly intimidating, however our goal is to break down walls - both physically and metaphorically - to provide skincare plans to everyone that are, as approachable and accessible, as they are affordable. We want to help our current and new patients place their focus on their skin health with a multi-modality holistic approach to skin care and rejuvenation. 

The truth is, no matter what your skin concerns are, regular treatments are better than one-offs. Consistency gets results. We work with clients to plan out a regular schedule of treatments, so they know what to expect, and how much it will cost. 

The idea is to make assessing skin, looking after it and maintaining results an attainable, habitual ritual, much like joining a gym. 

Membership options involve monthly rolling plans or yearly subscription and all include prerequisite perks as you’d normally be privy to with any leisure club enrolment, but instead of PT sessions and café discounts you’ll be benefitting from preferential prices on skincare and treatments and take-home product kits.

Emma and her team have put together the facial/ treatment menu - targeted facials for the clients, ranging from those chasing the glow-boosting skin, to problematic and antiaging concerns. 

It does beg the question: Is it really necessary, or even good for your skin, to get a facial every single month? It might seem excessive, but if you ask just about any aesthetic Practitioner, aesthetician, beauty editor or skincare expert, the answer is a resounding YES. 

“Just like any other area where you want to see results—like working out - you have to go regularly.” 

In addition to consistency, which we can all agree is pretty important in all aspects of life, the benefits of a monthly facial membership also have to do with the skin cycle. Skin cell production and replacement slows as we age. It takes approximately 28 days for the average adult turnover - longer as you get older - and the results are cumulative. This is what motivated us to create a service that people can afford to do monthly, because that is when the real, long-term changes happen. 

We are promoting good ongoing skincare routines rather than a quick fix. Our ethos regarding injectables remains that they are fab in moderation but we believe less is more, the best injectable is undetectable, focusing on youthful health glowing skin is key but this process takes time and investment. 

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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