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Dissolve Fillers: 72  hr Test Patch / Instant Result

The great option with dermal fillers is that you can reverse the effects instantly. If you are not happy with the results or a previous injectors results this can be reversed by administering a simple solution  a test patch will be required which only takes 72 hrs and then the filler can be dissolved instantly. If you would like to dissolve the filler. Select the Book appointment below and select book test patch.  This can also be used if any complications associated with dermal fillers arise. 

Payment Plans available for HDAesthetics Members will give you access to payment plans, discounts on treatments and products. There are x4 packages available Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Your skincare consultant will discuss the best treatment plan with you as well as payment plan suitable for you during your skincare consultation. Payment plans are not compulsory but is an option for those wanting an alternative method to pay for treatment.


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